In the United States, liquor licenses are issued separately by each individual state. Majority licenses are often specified by each state and localities that have laws and regulations in acquiring such a license.
For example, in the state of Oregon, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) regulates and controls the distribution, sales and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Otherwise, general categories that are covered under license laws include when and where liquor may be served, the amount that can be served, how much it may be served for, and to whom it may be served. Across the United States it is very common to have further specified protocols in restaurants such as limits on drinks per customer, zero discounts on drinks, and to have unfinished bottles of wine to remain in the restaurant. Furthermore, there may be several choices of license classes depending on how one intends to sell the alcoholic beverages.


Most state health departments and liquor commissions recognize the effects of alcohol on public peace and individual behavior. For this reason most local government, state departments and employers require workers to get an alcohol certification. You can get your alcohol certification by completing a state-approved alcohol seller and server program that shows you the rigors of alcohol sales and service, and equips you with techniques to protect you and your employers from alcohol-related liabilities and administrative actions.

 Learn2Serve’s alcohol server certification program prepares alcohol sellers to sell and serve alcoholic beverages on and off-premises responsibly. Get your alcohol certification online with quality state-specific alcohol seller/server courses. Get Started Today!

You can get your alcohol certification online with Learn2Serve’s quality state-specific alcohol seller/server courses. These courses will help you build your competency in liquor sales and service. Simply click on the link to your state from our dedicated alcohol training page and you will be directed to a state-specific course catalog. Complete your purchase and we will send you your course access right away. You can take the course at your convenience—you even have the option to finish the course within a day or a week. Receive your alcohol certificate upon completing the course. We will be reporting your course credits to your local health department or liquor authority.

What to Expect

Our courses are designed by seasoned food and beverage professionals and hospitality educators. We set ourselves apart from our competitors by providing foundational knowledge and practical techniques in responsible alcohol sales and service. You will also receive round-the-clock support from our highly efficient technical support team and subject-matter experts.

So far, we have trained over 500,000 food and beverage professionals across all 50 states, and are continuing to reach thousands in the industry. What are you waiting for? Build your career. Get your alcohol serving license. Enroll with Learn2Serve now!


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