Imagine a wonderful place, filled with all kind of delicacies. Now imagine a road bringing this wonderful place straight to your door. That road is Kaataa, an online community built on respect, ethics and mutual trust, bringing the new generation of top class food producers, millennial foodies, and food storytellers, closer together. 


‘’We adopt an innovative point of view that takes into consideration society, its behaviours, needs and fears in the digital age. Kaataa makes use of professionals with high profiles and transversal skills such as anthropologists, semiologists, digital marketing experts, lean development experts and, above all, food experts.” said the anthropologist Dr. Simone Ghiaroni.

Our expert team will produce contents focused and studied for the new generation of food lovers, their contribution allows us to create focused, original [and intense] Food & Wine content revolving around people, their work places and cultures. Kaataa’s content will move away from the old rhetoric of tradition. We will emphasise, valorize, and communicate the colourful, joyful and vibrant world of food and wine producers, lovers and professionals.’’ Alessandro Berardi co-founder.


This web-magazine is a virtual meeting place that closes distances and offers the opportunity to discover quality products from far-off places through the language of social media.

An actual community that develops a food and wine culture while sharing quality contents, in order to get into the privileged meeting point and marketplace for all those who love this sector.

Maximillan Girardi

‘’Social media has become a powerful asset to marketing within the food industry. As sharing food through social media becomes increasingly important, particularly for millennials, standout food concepts are thriving.

Food is naturally social, communal and visual. From recipe sharing to “Instagrammable” food, it is a common topic on social media” notes Maximilian Girardi, partner and food&wine marketing expert.“Social media is all about that communication. It provides a platform for two-way conversations and a strong storytelling, unlike most pre-internet media that circulate only one-way messages.” 


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