New beer created in conjunction with Nashville’s famous Fat Bottom Brewing

Known for hit rock songs like Broken and Fake It, Seether frontman Shaun Morgan has found massive success in the music industry and is now trying his hand at a new venture: craft beer – for a good cause.

Morgan has announced the release of his new beer, Alain’s Ardent Ale, in conjunction with Fat Bottom Brewing of Nashville, TN. The beer will make its debut as part of the inaugural Exit 111 music festival outside of Nashville on the weekend of October 11, where Seether will be taking the stage alongside other legendary rock bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Def Leppard and Guns ‘N’ Roses.


Concert-goers will have the first taste of Morgan’s fruity, crisp, light amber ale. While the flavor profile and mouthfeel of the beer are important, Morgan and Fat Bottom say that the true reason behind creating the beer is more close to heart. The beer brand was founded in honor of Morgan’s brother, Eugene Welgemoed, who died of suicide in 2007. A portion of sales from eac beer will be donated to suicide prevention as apart of Morgan’s Rise Above organization, a philanthropic endeavor which raises money for suicide awareness charity SAVE through its presence at concerts and festivals.

“I wanted to create a beer brand in an effort to create a tangible way for people to be involved in Rise Above, as well as to provide a pleasurable experience at the same time,” says Morgan. “This ale is a perfect way for people to be able to support a charitable organization whilst at the same time sipping on a craft brew that was developed with love and dedication. It is my hope that this beer can bring people together and open broader discussions pertaining to suicide. I hope this inspires other people to join the cause and to try to make a difference, no matter the size.”

Morgan and Fat Bottom plan to roll out a regional retail expansion of the beer in Spring 2020, which will help raise even more awareness for Rise Above and provide more financial support for SAVE.

“We hope you enjoy the beer,” says a rep from Fat Bottom. “But the most important thing is the message it carries with each sip.”

Alain's Ardent Ale

Alain’s Ardent Ale

5.2% abv | 16oz / 1 Pint

Color: Light Amber / Clear / White Foam Aroma:

Malty / Cereal Sweetness Yeast-driven spicy esters

Fruity bouquet of apple and grape skin


Pleasant sweetness up front Caramel and honey in mid-palate

Touch of spice and pepper on the backend Hop character briefly lingers and provides balance


Light to medium body with dry finish Bright carbonation

Overall crisp on the palate


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